Feel Sexier with These Easy Tips

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Don't you just wish that you could confidently sing “I'm sexy and I know it” every day? As much as you love yourself, there will just be days when your self-esteem is low or you just feel you need a sexiness boost. Get back in your feel-good zone by using these easy tricks.

• Put on some lingerie - Lacy, silk underwear that flaunts your assets and complements your body shape will make you look even more amazing. And the cool and elegant feel of the material can make you feel good. Plus, even if no one can see it, knowing that you're wearing some sexy undergarments underneath can instantly give you a sense of excitement.

• Get a new hairstyle - Sometimes a new look is all it takes to appreciate your attractiveness more. Go with a style that will enhance your features. When you step out of the salon you'll feel renewed and you might even get compliments.

• Work out – While you're lifting weights and doing some planks, you could notice how defined your muscles are or how strong your body is. Exercise also releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals. So as you appreciate your fitness, your happiness, confidence, and self-love can increase.

• Get some pampering – Get a massage or indulge in a warm bath with essential oils so you can relax. Stress is a big factor in making you feel negative. So by getting rid of the emotions that are making you so tense, you will feel lighter and better, and that inner positivity will radiate in your outward appearance.

• Indulge your senses - Take a long shower or bath and put on a lotion with your favourite scent. Stroking your skin releases oxytocin and endorphins, plus it allows you to get to know and appreciate your body better.

• Try something new – Isn't it exciting to do something for the first time, especially if it's something that scares you? Plus, gaining a new achievement can make you feel good about yourself and more confident. 


• Soak in the Compliments – Did someone just comment on your Instagram selfie about how gorgeous your eyes are? Did your colleague say you look really nice in your OTTD? Receive those compliments graciously by saying “thank you” with a smile. Then repeat those positive comments in your head or write them down. And each time you need a little sexiness boost, read those notes and remind yourself how much attractiveness you're oozing with.

• Listen to sexy songs - “Bootylicious” by Destiny's Child became so popular because it was a song that reminded women to embrace their bodies and to be confident about their sexiness. Play that song to fire up your self-esteem and dance to the music to get a work out while you're at it. Or listen to the playlist of tunes you like to listen to when you're getting 'in the mood' with your SO

Remember that feeling sexy is not all about someone else thinking your 'hot'. It is more about how you carry yourself, your inner confidence, and your attitude in believing that you are a gorgeous, attractive being, who definitely knows how to work it.  

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